Hyaluronic acid injections


A few words about Hyaluronic acid.

In recent years, the demand for wrinkle fillers has increased; absorbable implants are frequently injected to attenuate or erase wrinkles and reshape specific parts of the face.

Its perfect tolerance and natural integration into the tissues today make hyaluronic acid the reference treatment in many locations such as the lips, dark circles, cheekbones, nose, hands.

The product is injected into the thickness of the skin or, more intensely, to correct inevitable wrinkles or loss of volume. It is not a permanent implant; it has gradual and complete skin resorption; it is a regulated medical product part of class III implantable medical devices following European Directive 93/42 / EEC.

Mode of Action and Properties of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide present in the extracellular matrix of our tissues: it is mainly in the joints (synovial fluid), in the eye (vitreous humour) and in the skin, which represents more than 50% of its total quantity.

Its strong hydrophilic power (it participates in the hydration and cohesion of tissues). The viscoelastic properties justify its use in many medical specialities, for example, rheumatology, ophthalmology, urology ) and aesthetic medicine, filling wrinkles since the late 1990s. .

It is a product that has many advantages :

it is biocompatible, having no specificity of species or tissue, so it does not require tests beforehand,

it is fully bioabsorbable, minimizing the risk of significant side effects and irreversible,

it is having an immediate impact, thanks to its hydrophilic solid power.

Hyaluronic acid can be obtained de novo by biosynthesis (by fermentation most often).

Many laboratories can therefore optimize its structure (by assembling hyaluronic acid chains by crosslinking, making it possible to increase the volumizing effect of the product and avoid too rapid degradation by hyaluronidases.

As a result, we now have at our disposal a wide range of hyaluronic acids to adapt to different levels of ageing in a very natural way and with a hold ranging from 9 to 18 months.

For example, from the Allergan laboratory: the range includes Juvederm ultra 2 and Juvederm Volite, low volumizing products, injected superficially, making it possible to identify the dermis and treat fine lines, then Juvederm 3, then 4 up to Juvederm Voluma, which will be the densest, injected in-depth and allowing to restore volume to your cheekbones, cheeks, to identify the chin area …

Before treatment with Hyaluronic Acid :

Before any injections, we will interview you to determine if you have contraindications to hyaluronic acid injection. And a history of hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, autoimmune disease, pregnant women, etc.
We will look for the nature of the infusion for any previous injections to avoid dangerous combinations.

The clinical examination is in a seated position to assess the area (s) to be corrected: your desire will be compared to our expertise to define what is achievable and the type of product to use depending on the problem that needs treatment.

We provide you with an estimated cost of the treatment and documents information/consent.

We will offer you a prescription for an anaesthetic cream type Emla, depending on the sensitivity of the areas that need treatment. We will prescribe preventive antiherpetic medicine to you if you are predisposed to outbreaks of cold sores. You should avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs the days before the operation to prevent bruising.

The course of the Hyaluronic Acid treatment session:

Doctor Virginie Aimé carries out the treatment in her office.

he area to be treated is cleaned and disinfected.
Your doctor will decide to give the injection using fine needles or cannulas. Cannula therapy has the advantage of being less traumatic and less painful than needle therapy but may be less precise in some cases.

No anaesthesia is necessary, and the injection is not painful because the products most often contain a local anaesthetic. We insert Hyaluronic acid into the thickness of the skin or, more deeply, which depends on the problem to be corrected and especially the density of the product used.

Le Docteur Virginie Aimé adopte une technique d’injection qui lui est propre et qu’elle adapte à chaque cas pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats.

Doctor Virginie Aimé adopts an injection technique specific to her and adapts in each case for the best results.

In general, the treated area is gently massaged at the end of the injection to check the product’s good distribution and optimize the uniformity of the correction.

If necessary, several areas can be treated in the same session or combined with botulinum toxin injection.

Treatment after with hyaluronic acid

In most cases, you resume your usual activities after the treatment.

A light make-up will be offered to you if necessary.

It would be best if you avoided facials and environments that expose you to high temperatures, such as sauna, hammam and UV cabins, for about 15 days.

The results of treatment with Hyaluronic Acid :

The effect of the injection is visible immediately, but it will take about 10 – 15 days to see the results. It takes time for the hyaluronic acid to position itself in the tissues and for the injections reaction to disappear.

The effect of the injections is natural; the product does not act on the muscles and does not modify the expressions on your face; it simply corrects certain areas that are too deep and give you a rested appearance.

It is essential to understand that the effect of the injection and the hold of the product vary according to your age, skin type, and lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, sun, stress, etc.): minor product hold and the desired level of correction. Hyaluronic acid required for the same area treated is not necessarily the same from one person to another.

global facial rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid

Treatment of nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid after a session.

Possible side effects :

Hyaluronic acid is a natural product, very well tolerated, and absorbable.

The risks associated with the injection are therefore minimal if a qualified practitioner performs it. Knowing the products used well is essential because an unsuitable injection of certain hyaluronic acids in certain areas can have serious consequences.

The most frequent side effects are transient, and it links to the bite: oedema, redness, discolouration of the area, bruising, tenderness at the injection site … Other mild side effects may be related to the product itself, such as pain, itching, palpable mass, oedema… they disappear after a few days (less than a week).

Other infrequent side effects can occur, such as granulomas, necrosis skin for frown lines and immediate or delayed hypersensitivity.

You should notify your doctor in the event of an inflammatory reaction that persists beyond a week.

Observe reactivations of cold sore outbreaks in some predisposed patients; the doctor will then prescribe preventive treatment.

Doctor Virginie Aimé guarantees you a conscientious and rigorous personalized follow-up; she will schedule a follow-up consultation after your treatment. You can contact her at any time for any questions you may have due to the operation.

The price of hyaluronic acid injection

The price of the hyaluronic acid syringe used for filling wrinkles is an average of 330 euros, including tax (275 euros excluding tax).

Hyaluronic acid in the lips

Lips are an essential part of your face: they convey joy, a smile, and attention is drawn to your lips as soon as you speak. The lips are an area we are constantly working on, so it is essential to take care of them.

Hyaluronic acid is the only product that will treat a naturally too thin or asymmetrical lip, a lip that has become dehydrated or too thin over time, or fine lines that have appeared around your mouth.

The lip is an anatomical zone that is both very mobile (it contains neither bone nor infrastructure) and very innervated.
Hyaluronic acids are now specifically formulated to integrate as naturally as possible in this area: they are very flexible products that create a natural volume.

Before any treatment, we will analyse your lips (degree of ageing, asymmetry, etc.) and their mobility to find the optimal treatment that will beautify your mouth and meet your expectations.

Thanks to the anaesthetic product contained in the syringes, the injection is no longer painful and no longer requires prior anaesthesia.

Even for a volume increase upon request, it is best to start with a single injection of filler. It is best to proceed carefully in this area.

The lips very innervating, reaction oedema (important according to the patients) is possible, resolving within 2-3 days most often. Despite the use of needles, bruising can also occur. We will gently massage the area after injecting the product to check that it distributes properly.

The correction is stable after about 3 weeks, with naturally redesigned and rejuvenated lips.

Lips before injection well-defined contours lack of volume
Lips after injection natural volume
Lips before volume
Lips after natural volume

Hyaluronic acid in hollow ring / under eye.

Hyaluronic acid helps treat the hollow ring, also called the jugo-palpebral groove.

It is most often hereditary; it is found frequently in young patients. With age, the decrease in supra and suborbicular fat (SOOF) and the structural changes in the bones and muscles in this area will create or accentuate the ring; your face will then appear tired.

Hyaluronic acid is currently the only injectable product used in this indication (the other alternative being surgical with fat injection).

It is a delicate area where it is essential to be thorough and precise in the correction; the skin being fragile, it is vital to use a suitable hyaluronic acid and apply the right amount of product. For example, we have at our disposal Restylane (Galderma laboratory), a weak hydrophilic hyaluronic acid, which will have a perfect integration in this area.
It has also benefited from numerous scientific studies in this location, and Teosyal Redensity II (Téoxane laboratory), a product specifically formulated to treat hollow ring/under eye circles.

The injection is not painful. It will most often be done with a cannula to avoid bruising. Slight oedema and distinctive appearance may appear immediately following the infusion and normalize after fifteen days.

An excess of product and an injection that is too shallow can cause a Tyndall effect giving a bluish pouch appearance.

Dr AIME considers that the injection should be performed only by an experienced practitioner accustomed to the treatment of this area. The product has an excellent hold for dark circles; the skin is poor in hyaluronidases in this location: 18 months to 3 years on average.

It is essential to know that hyaluronic acid does not correct :
– the pigmented appearance of the ring,
– it will be decided on a case-by-case basis on the benefits of the treatment in the event of eyelid pockets associated.

The effect is often very spectacular because your face appears more rested and less severe due to the disappearance of the shadows created by hollow ring/under eye.


20 to 40 min


Wrinkles, loss of volume, hollow ring/under eye treatment, jowls, oval, sagging skin, and redefinition of the mouth.


10 to 18 months

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